Jerrod Wright

Finely manicured gentleman in gray military dress.


Small of stature and mild personality, Jerrod Wright was a devoted soldier of the American Civil War, fighting for the South. During his time in the Confederacy, he showed remarkable bureaucratic potential. While not a vicious man, he was efficient and well organized. His skills in the office had raised him to the rank of staff sergeant rather quickly, and he was perfectly happy with that. He spend very little time on the field and was mostly responsible for requisitions and other paperwork.

During a routine troop movement, his camp was discovered by a formidable US force and were quickly overrun. With limited defenses and personnel, the remaining Confederates were summarily dispatched. Jerrod made a bold stand, surviving until the very end, but ultimately was rounded up and executed.

After death, Jerrod made a name for himself in the Hierarchy as an asset manager. He evaluated the usefulness of enfants as they crossed over. His analytical prowess made him an ideal candidate for the position of reaper. He keeps close tabs on those that he welcomes into the Shadowlands and recommends those with valuable skills or personalities to his superiors for special projects.

Jerrod Wright

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