Ronald Jameson

Wheelchair bound former big game hunter


Ronald Jameson was a tall, rangy, athletic man for almost all of his life. Since the wheelchair he has grown gaunt and old, seemingly overnight.


Ronald Jameson was born in South Africa in the 1870s. His personality was revealed – even to himself – in a series of events during the course of his life.

The first event happened when he was 11 years old. He was target practicing with his .22 when a young rogue lion charged him from the bush. An amazingly lucky shot thru the lion’s eye saved young Ronald that day. It cemented in his mind the idea that a rifle frees a man from fear and care. The rest of his life he practiced to become as good with a rifle as he was lucky that one day.

Ronald’s second dramatic self-discovery was during the Matabele Wars. As a scout he learned how much he loved discovering new information, be it hidden paths thru the jungle, dispositions of enemy troops, or even just one of the secret valleys hidden in the mountains. The thrill of discovery and returning with new knowledge lasted long after the war and fueled his career as a wilderness guide and big game hunter.

The next discovery was darker. Ronald led safaris, as did many other guides at the same hunting lodge. On three consecutive hunts another guide, Johann Bikert, beat Ronald to a prize elephant. The fourth time, neither Johann nor his party returned from wilds. Jameson does not like to lose.

Over the years and across three continents Jameson hunted game and secrets and treasures. He found them all. His competitors frequently disappeared. “Dangerous business, hunting,” Jameson would say.

Finally, one dark, foggy London night, Jameson was walking home from the club. A shot rang out in the darkness. The bullet severed his lower spine. They found him on the steps of the club, having dragged himself as far back as he could before his strength failed. What did he learn about himself then? His thirst for revenge? His bitterness about being wheelchair bound? No. Guilt. How many people had he betrayed on his storied travels? How many men had he killed rather than let them get to some secret first? Did one of them still live? Did he ultimately deserve that paralyzing shot? Is there another bullet out there destined to find him?

Ronald Jameson

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