Vaughn Buchard

A dark figure exhuding masculinity, but lacking depth.


Vaughn Buchard is a wraith of notably power and respect, all earned with ruthless brutality and incomparably confidence. Bucahard was, in life, the muscle in a New York gang from the 1860’s. He made a name for himself as a “fixer,” able to solve problems with methods too crude for most of his associates. He had no fear of violence or death. He died in a hailstorm of bullets when a plan to kidnap a minor boss of an opposing gang went south.

In death, his unorthodox tactics lent themselves well to the land of the dead. Through his confidence and charisma, he quickly raised a mob of the dead to follow him and he has carved out a decent living in the shadow of New York. He has fingers in several organizations and is well informed and well connected.

Vaughn Buchard

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